All teachers listed on the Open Sangha Collective site have committed to the Oath Against Harm from the Alliance for Buddhist Ethics.

In the practice of the Dharma, I hold the student-teacher relationship
to be a sacred connection which prioritises the spiritual development,
maturation, and well-being of the student.

Similarly, I hold that Dharma organisations exist to provide safe
environments which allow those who practice the Dharma to thrive
in supportive communities, founded on aspirations of good-will for
all, and supported by a strong ethical foundation of non-harming.

I acknowledge that any behaviour which would be categorised as
abusive—whether emotionally, physically, financially,
psychologically or sexually—or which is exploitative, coercive, or an
abuse of power, or which attempts to cover-up such behaviour, is
harmful and unnecessary in the practice of the Dharma. It is
unacceptable in all circumstances.

I am aware that harm has been caused by failures to meet these
standards in the past, and I declare my commitment to maintaining
them for the well-being and benefit of all. May this commitment help
the Dharma to flourish, both now and in the future, and may it help
to alleviate suffering and create a more compassionate world.

And to these additional guidelines the Association for Spiritual Integrity Teacher Ethics Code:

Being self-aware, open, and humble about the limitations of our knowledge and experience

Making only honest, realistic statements regarding the benefits of our teachings, practices, courses, and other offerings.

Refraining from giving counsel in matters outside of our areas of training and expertise, and making appropriate referrals as needed.