What We Do

What We Do


Open Sangha Collective seeks to facilitate the practice and teaching of Dharma in a way that is both powerfully effective and available to all. We are committed to removing barriers to the Dharma whether they be financial or based on race, sexual orientation or gender identity, spoken language or citizenship status.


For those wishing to practise within the context of  the Buddhadharma, we connect students to a diverse and effective group of teachers, drawn from a variety of lineages, traditions and vehicles of practice, who can guide you on the path regardless of your financial status. We offer this in the form of individual instruction, courses and retreats all of which are offered from a traditional dana based model where no fixed fees are charged. This gives the student the opportunity to practice generosity, honesty, integrity and responsibility and act from a place of abundance and non-separation.


For those wishing to share the Dharma from a place of open hearted generosity, we can connect you to students who understand the opportunity and responsibility around dana in the student-teacher relationship. We also provide a platform where dana based courses and retreats can be listed.